2020 – a blank canvas

I think right now is a wonderful time of the year. Not least because it’s my birthday in a few days! I think over the years that timing has helped me to stay mainly ‘up’ at a traditional ‘down’ time.

My mind has turned to 2020 art making and I have filled my studio walls with blank canvases to provide inspiration.

Watch this space!



Attenborough wild flower textures

I was walking at the local Attenborough Nature Reserve recently and the beauty of these wild flowers enticed me all along the trail.

The textures, the colours – how inspiring!

My fingers are twitching to get going with my felting and embroidery again after a few weeks off.

What a wonderful weekend!

Tidying up now from the ABC Art Trail. What a wonderful weekend!

THANKS to all the visitors – we reckon more than 350 – amazing given the difficult weather on Sunday.

THANKS for all the interest in my work and supportive comments – it means so much.

THANKS for all the purchases, people were very generous.

The highlights:

  • How much my husband enjoyed running his VIP lounge
  • Chatting to the gentleman who remembered visiting the house as a child when his uncle lived here in the 1950s and showing him round
  • Myriam’s amazing lollies!
  • An excited lady buying one of my new large works for her new house
  • Talking about my methodologies and motivations
  • Watching people enjoying our garden
  • and – not least – enjoying working with and getting to know the other wonderful artists on the trail. I am so happy to have found many like minded new friends

Pano picture

Garden and Art Shed – ready for 500+ visitors!

The garden is looking lovely – it is filled with textures and shades of green. Pretty weeds and a wild lawn have been encouraged and embraced!

We’re all ready for the ABC Art Trail next weekend, looking forward to welcoming many people to enjoy our art, and chill over a goodie from the Nice Lolly Company.




New felt artwork

I have several new felt pieces to show at the forthcoming ABC Art Trail, all nature inspired.

I am still drawing inspiration from the powerfully restorative hours I spent at Haddon Hall in Spring 2017.



Christmas baubles

Before everyone puts their old Christmas cards away…

I am running a Christmas bauble making session at Monday night Adult Crafts at the Beeston Heritage Canalside tonight. Should be fun!


Perfect match!

Sent recently to a customer from Kingston on Thames, via Etsy – a mixture of muted pink shades for wedding table centres.

Half the order was made from vintage sheet music (mainly Mozart pianoforte pieces) and half using pages from the 1985 Mills and Boon classic ‘A Man Worth Knowing’ (subtitled ‘he defeated her evasive tactics at every turn…)

What a perfect order for a musician and a writer, getting married in July.

Coming out of baking retirement (temporarily)

I have been busy in my kitchen over the last week – making 400+ gingerbread Christmas trees for concerts, presents and fuddles.

Christmas tree gingerbread

That may seem a lot – but when my baking business, Classy Cupcakes and Posh Patisserie, was in full flow a few years ago this was small fry around this time of the year. It has been fun this year, but I will not be baking professionally again any time soon.

Mind you, I had a great time this September preparing possibly the hardest cake I have ever made for my godson’s wedding. A huge Lego inspired cake! I had to transport it down to Sussex and I remembered that the most stressful time of any bake is the delivery…thankfully this one was OK. Phew!

Lego cake