2020 – a blank canvas

I think right now is a wonderful time of the year. Not least because it’s my birthday in a few days! I think over the years that timing has helped me to stay mainly ‘up’ at a traditional ‘down’ time.

My mind has turned to 2020 art making and I have filled my studio walls with blank canvases to provide inspiration.

Watch this space!



Tree of Life

Sold! My Tree of Life wet felted embroidery is going to live in another home.

Thank you kind customer ūüôā

I’ll put the options for high quality prints and canvases on the Etsy shop in the next week or so.

Tree of Life 10

Vintage sheet music range expanded for Christmas

We are now shipping our vintage sheet music roses all over the country! You can buy them HERE at our Etsy shop.

In addition, we have developed a range of Christmas goods. Christmas cards and hanging stars.

Also available from the Etsy shop.

Perfect for anyone who loves music!




Haddon Hall doorway

I have just completed my third wet felting embroidery artwork, inspired by the beautiful gardens at Haddon Hall.

This one is a bit more interesting with the addition of some architecture, a theme I am keen to expand upon.


The finished artwork, mounted and framed

I have found a satisfactory way of framing these pictures now, in a box frame, so the viewer can see lots of texture.



The inspirational view at Haddon Hall


Here’s some of the detail:






Nottingham architecture

I spent the summer at home in Nottingham, for a change.

It’s been great – visiting forgotten old haunts, finding new places, meeting up with friends, riding on the tram, going to outdoor theatre and art galleries.

After living here for more than 25 years I think I had started taking Nottingham for granted. But I have fallen in love again…


Embroidery project – wild flowers

I took this picture of tall white flowers in grass in the entrance to Haddon Hall. I think the flowers are yarrow. They are so beautiful – strong plants with such dainty petals.

I tried to capture the complex layers of greens underneath the flowers with many layers of wool in the wet felt.



The full picture


Detail (1) 



Detail (2)