New felt artwork

I have several new felt pieces to show at the forthcoming ABC Art Trail, all nature inspired.

I am still drawing inspiration from the powerfully restorative hours I spent at Haddon Hall in Spring 2017.



Haddon Hall doorway

I have just completed my third wet felting embroidery artwork, inspired by the beautiful gardens at Haddon Hall.

This one is a bit more interesting with the addition of some architecture, a theme I am keen to expand upon.


The finished artwork, mounted and framed

I have found a satisfactory way of framing these pictures now, in a box frame, so the viewer can see lots of texture.



The inspirational view at Haddon Hall


Here’s some of the detail:






Embroidery project – wild flowers

I took this picture of tall white flowers in grass in the entrance to Haddon Hall. I think the flowers are yarrow. They are so beautiful – strong plants with such dainty petals.

I tried to capture the complex layers of greens underneath the flowers with many layers of wool in the wet felt.



The full picture


Detail (1) 



Detail (2)