ABC Art Trail

This is shaping up to be a great weekend – with the whole team of 30 artists pulling together to make an eclectic, entertaining and exciting spectacle in Attenborough, Beeston and Chilwell.

Keep the dates free – 1st and 2nd June, 11am to 6pm

And keep watching for full details on our Facebook page and website


Totally bespoke roses

I now offer totally bespoke paper roses in my Etsy shop HERE

One recent customer from Staffordshire wanted to combine the lyrics of Beautiful Boy by John Lennon with pictures of the newborn, for a Mother’s Day present.

I used the lyrics on the inside, in different text sizes, and the pictures on the bottom of the roses. A very nice effect!






My very first felt customers got in touch got in touch over the weekend to let me know they had reframed the picture with a green frame and behind a non reflective glass.

They generously sent me pictures of  the enhanced artwork in situ.

Tree picture reframed 2

As a new and developing artist, it makes me feel quite GIDDY that someone is enjoying my work every day!

ABCAT – date for the diary

Being part of the ABC (Attenborough, Beeston and Chilwell) Art Trail was a massive highlight for me last year, for many reasons. Not least because I got to work (and chill) with a lot of lovely creative people.

I am therefore delighted to be part of the team again for 2019.

Save the dates! 1st and 2nd June 2019. More news to follow…


Personal publications

Creativity Online was involved in two very interesting projects just before Christmas…both involved dealing with wonderful people who had poured their hearts and souls in to highly personal projects, one a memoir and the other a collected book of poetry.

My job was to hold their hands while we got the pieces finalised and published.

This wasn’t just about editing and not just prepping for publication, but largely a discussion about the purpose, the audience, the presentation – essentially (and rather crudely) a light touch branding and marketing initiative.

Having been involved in large scale, large budget marketing campaigns in former private and public sector employments, I realise that nothing done previously quite comes close to such a touching experience, helping people tell their story and communicate about their hopes and dreams.


Urban inspiration

I find living in our fab town Beeston and the beautiful city of Nottingham is always creatively inspirational, particularly the parks, the historic architecture and the places close to nature.

But I am so fortunate to see this view in my street every time I go out for a local outing.

I love it endlessly, at all times of the day, in rain and shine, in summer and winter.