Utterly bespoke paper roses order

Here’s a lovely idea from one of my customers…

Themed roses (gold and navy for a uniformed wedding), displayed in pots covered in sheet music to be played at the ceremony.

I don’t think you can get much more bespoke than that!


Painting Grove Avenue

I am obsessed with this view of my road, from the middle – often seen during walks.

The overhanging trees, the tunnel vision, the old garage in the foreground, a tram rumbling past at the end.

I have tried many times to recreate with drawing and painting.

Here’s the latest attempt, a work in progress, unfinished to date.

Grove Ave painting

And another picture of this beautiful view.

Grove Ave winter

Mills and Boon roses – Soooo romantic!

Here’s a box full of paper roses made from a classic 1977 Mills and Boon novel for a customer in Reading.

Mills and Boon roses 1

I sent the book cover and plot summary to add some more interest to the order.

Mills and Boon roses 2

I can also confirm the book has a happy ending!!!

Paper anniversary roses

I have had a few orders via Etsy recently for paper anniversaries (1 year).

Here’s a lovely one from a customer in Cheshire – the lyrics to their first dance printed on to ivory paper with half coloured pink. The same colours as the wedding.





Beeston Oxjam

I am delighted to be helping Beeston Oxjam this year with their website, as a volunteer.

It’s been an amazing phenomenon in our little town for a few years now, with several varied events running each year with a huge variety of artists. More than £22,000 was raised last year and with £85,000 raised in total over the last few years, it is probably the most successful Oxjam in the country.

I am thrilled to be manipulating data on behalf of such a worthy cause!

Full details at