Spring cleaning

I have given my Etsy offer a Spring clean!

Instead of offering everything I make on one shop, I have now opened a second shop.

So now you can view and purchase all paper products at:

White roses

And all textile art and associated products at:

Allium 1.jpg

Enjoy!! xx

More creative work online

I had a plumbing problem in my home – strange smells at random times, there was no obvious solution.

I found a very creative plumber who solved the problem, which was being caused by a variety of issues, mostly under the ground.

I paid the plumber by creating a new website for him after finding out he converts bathrooms to wetrooms and kitchens to disabled friendly areas. This is something I have had to help my own parents with over the last few years and it changed their lives, giving them the ability to stay in their own home.

Let’s hear it for the creative plumber, Darren, at Goldswan Home Adaptions!

He comes thoroughly recommended.

And now he has his own website to shout about his work.



Victorian Terraces

I have always loved the look of Victorian terraces.
I find the warm bricks, the uniformity and the chimneys very appealing.

Add to that an interesting perspective and my fascination for multiple windows and I am hooked…

I have been experimenting using strips of tonal fabrics and free form machine stitches for the background buildings, with strong and uniform window finishes.

I have started small, but I can see this getting much bigger!







Musical bouquets (and cake decorations and centrepieces…)

Remember that frantic phone call I blogged about a few weeks ago?

The lady who spoke to me that night made a snowy journey from Pontefract to collect her order yesterday (along with her gorgeous Cavapoo dog!)

Here’s what I came up with – one bridal bouquet, four bridesmaids bouquets, 16 centre piece daisies and 18 cake decoration daisies.



It was lovely to meet the bride, who is now arranging for this little lot to go to the Isle of Man for her wedding a few weeks time.





Spanish inspiration

I’m just back from my first ever trip to Seville!

It’s one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited, with a strong Moorish influence on design and architecture (reminding me of frequent trips to Morocco with the textile industry in the 1990s).

The extraordinary buildings, stunning gardens and hot colours were breathtaking – and utterly inspiring.





Embroidery: Rock ‘N’ Roll!

I was asked to take a photograph showing me at work, for a forthcoming Heritage Art event.

The conclusion is: it’s very hard to make embroidery look roll ‘n’ roll!

But I’m happy with the result.

After a few studies, including very serious and very studious poses, I settled on a wide beam – indicating my delight that I have found this wonderful medium with which to express myself.



Musical paper daisies

Following a frantic phone call from a lovely but distraught lady from Pontefract, who has been let down by her flower supplier for her wedding in March, I have been developing a new product with sheet music this week – daisies.

I used crumpled tissue paper to add some texture.

I had to get the scale right to fit with my roses.


We have been able to come up with the specification of a 5 rose/daisy bouquets and extra decorations for the cake and table settings by means of photos, colour charts and samples sent in the post – and lots of chatting.

I’m now in full manufacturing mode!

I will post pictures of the final bouquets in a couple of weeks…


Jo Beattie

With my Creativity Online hat on, I am working with artist Jo Beattie on her online presence, showcasing her wonderful art.

Jo’s work is a reflection on precious memories on transparent cloth, so the shadow of reflected images displays on the wall behind. I find her work beautifully moving and it’s a delight to help her and get to know her better.

Jo has shown most recently at Alexandra Palace and she is a guest speaker at the Embroidery Guild conference later this year.

More information on Jo’s website here.




Wild flower meadow

I wanted to capture the effect of wild flowers in a field against a blue sky (like in this photo of a Danish scene) in an abstract way.


Cornflowers are my favourite of all flowers so they had to feature heavily. I am still in awe of my mum who managed to source a huge bucketful so far out of season, in early May, for my wedding bouquet.


After some complex felting and hours and hours of stitching, here’s what I came up with.

I especially like the effect of different shades of green in the felted wool/silk background and the naturally balmy sky!



Lord of the Rings themed roses

I am sending off an order for 50 paper roses today to a lovely customer from Middlesbrough, via my Etsy shop.


My customer wanted a Lord of the Rings theme and we pondered whether she should send me one of her books, buy her preferred book online and have it sent to me or send me out to buy something suitable.

In the end, my husband found a long forgotten tome on our shelves ‘Tolkein, the Illustrated Encyclopedia’. We all agreed this was the best option as I could start making them straight away.


The roses came out beautifully. The stiff and shiny paper made robust roses and the mix of text and illustrations resulted in a varied but tonal bouquet.

My customer agreed to add the price of either of the first two book options to the bill and I will be taking my husband out for a posh coffee to say thank you!