Dandelion heads

I love it when some very basic ingredients are converted into something beautiful with a bit of time and care. Reminds me of my cake making days!

I made these dandelion heads with a kebab stick, some toothpicks, a torn brown envelope, a polystyrene ball, a bit of brown paint, a white pencil and some baking parchment.  I am really pleased with the result.

Dandelion heads 2


Customised houses

Following on from my recent Beeston Terraces series, I decided to depict our house in the same method, machine applique.

The result – a quirky interpretation, highlighting my favourite points of the facade.

21 Grove Ave

I put this on display at the recent ABC Art Trail and recently finished my first commission for a neighbour.

I was very pleased with the result, as were my customers.

For your own commissions, please don’t hesitate to CONTACT ME.

More amazing Nottingham architecture

I met with friends for the most conjenial Sunday lunch recently, in one of my favourite areas of the city, opposite Nottingham Castle. (The Castle is just about to get a multi million pound makeover – how lucky are we?)

I walked past these amazing buildings on the historic Standard Hill on the way back to the car. The road is so called to commemorate the raising of the standard by King Charles 1 in 1642, the start of the English Civil War.

The round tower was a circular Victorian hospital ward which opened in 1900 as part of Nottingham General Hospital’s Jubilee Wing.

These buildings literally take my breath away –  my fingers are itching to depict them in some way, so inspiring.


‘Virtual’ (but real) wedding bouquets

I made a follow up order for a lovely customer from Kingston on Thames via my Etsy PaperRosesShop last week. This lady had ordered some subtle pink paper roses in a combination of sheet music and Mills and Boon novel – for tablecentres at a marriage of a writer (bride) and musician (groom).

The same customer came back a few weeks ago asking for a matching bride and bridesmaid bouquet in the same shades. I keep records of all orders I make so it was easy to prepare exactly what she needed even though all correspondence was via the internet.

The customer’s response when the bouquets arrived: “The bouquets are PERFECT! Thank you so much! I just love them. They are even better than I imagined, and will just look beautiful.”



ABC Art Trail

I was delighted to be invited to take part in the Attenborough, Beeston and Chilwell Art Trail this year – my first exhibition.

Before the event, I was content to meet a few people and chat about my work, so I started out nervously and apologetically. However, I was overwhelmed by the warmth and generosity of the community. It was great to meet up with friends, neighbours and guests in our back garden and kitchen. It was an absolute pleasure.

Thanks are due to all the organisers, the participants and everyone who visited.


Vegetable series

I am obsessed with pictures of vegetables and I have really enjoyed making these from bright cotton, my husband’s old shirts, silks and satin fabrics and shiny thread.


They will be on sale at the ABC Art Trail this weekend, 2nd and 3rd June.

More details HERE.

Wild fields outside Haddon Hall

For my latest felted embroidered work I have gone back to my eternal source of inspiration, Haddon Hall.

This time I was inspired by wild fields full of daisies and buttercups.

I have tried to convey the depth of colour and texture using several layers of soft felting in numerous shades of green and brown, machine embroidery for the leaf detail and hand embroidery with silk threads for the flower heads.



Embroidery for boys!

I did some public embroidery at the wonderful Beeston Canalside Heritage Centre this weekend, as a heritage craft – along with corn dolly makers, weavers and lace makers.

It was great to meet the visitors and have a chat about my work and motivation as well as discussing the joy of making things.

I particularly enjoyed watching several boys quietly sitting down to try their hand at embroidery and really enjoying it. There was no categorisation of it being a ‘girls’ craft, because most of them had never seen it before.

A lovely event.

Karen at CAnalside