The annual quince miracle!

The miracle of the beautiful quince tree given to me on my 50th birthday by a wonderful friend.

6 years on and 21kg yield this year.
63 jars of quince jelly already in stores, 30 jars of quince & date chutney and 10kg of quince cheese maturing – all going to local greengrocer/deli Hallam’s under the brand ‘Grove Avenue Quince’.

I am hoping to be tottering up the road with hundreds of jars in the years to come as the yield increases!


Quince Jelly part 2

Amazing! I turned all my quinces into Quince Jelly, which is now on sale at the top notch greengrocer Hallam‘s on Beeston High Street. They sold half the stock last weekend!

It is also featuring on the cheeseboard in renowned vegetarian cafe Café Roya.

A bit of an adventure – well worth a bit of effort!

Customers are in for a treat – I remember when I first tasted it! A unique experience.