Lord of the Rings themed roses

I am sending off an order for 50 paper roses today to a lovely customer from Middlesbrough, via my Etsy shop.


My customer wanted a Lord of the Rings theme and we pondered whether she should send me one of her books, buy her preferred book online and have it sent to me or send me out to buy something suitable.

In the end, my husband found a long forgotten tome on our shelves ‘Tolkein, the Illustrated Encyclopedia’. We all agreed this was the best option as I could start making them straight away.


The roses came out beautifully. The stiff and shiny paper made robust roses and the mix of text and illustrations resulted in a varied but tonal bouquet.

My customer agreed to add the price of either of the first two book options to the bill and I will be taking my husband out for a posh coffee to say thank you!