Jo Beattie artist

I am lucky to have the amazing Jo Beattie as a regular client.

She explores the importance of toys in childhood and uses shadow to depict the important influence in memories.

I have been with her as she has been working towards the Knit and Stitch shows this Autumn and her exhibition is going to be absolutely amazing.

More info about Jo’s work at


Jo Beattie

With my Creativity Online hat on, I am working with artist Jo Beattie on her online presence, showcasing her wonderful art.

Jo’s work is a reflection on precious memories on transparent cloth, so the shadow of reflected images displays on the wall behind. I find her work beautifully moving and it’s a delight to help her and get to know her better.

Jo has shown most recently at Alexandra Palace and she is a guest speaker at the Embroidery Guild conference later this year.

More information on Jo’s website here.