Paper rose workshop

I was delighted to run a paper rose making session, at the new monthly Monday night Adult craft evenings, at the wonderful Canalside Heritage Centre (soon to celebrate its first birthday).

Twelve people spent two hours fiddling with sheet music and glue, with utmost patience, and created a little bunch of flowers to take home.

I was particularly taken with one lady, who had bought some music and lyric sheets which for years had been hidden in the piano stool she inherited from her grandma. She made these into flowers to sit on top of the piano – a lovely memory to treasure.


We all had fun. The two hours flew!

Look at the Canalside Heritage Centre’s WEBSITE for details of more Monday craft sessions coming up.



Embroidery for boys!

I did some public embroidery at the wonderful Beeston Canalside Heritage Centre this weekend, as a heritage craft – along with corn dolly makers, weavers and lace makers.

It was great to meet the visitors and have a chat about my work and motivation as well as discussing the joy of making things.

I particularly enjoyed watching several boys quietly sitting down to try their hand at embroidery and really enjoying it. There was no categorisation of it being a ‘girls’ craft, because most of them had never seen it before.

A lovely event.

Karen at CAnalside