Life without cake?

This card I bought from Oxfam recently sums up perfectly my current creative thinking!

Over the last couple of years I have been building websites, helping with branding/marketing, teaching social media skills and helping to design/publish books/booklets.

At the same time I have been developing my own art/craft skills and have loved sharing my work.

Here and there I have also been making the odd cake order for friends and family – and that has been great too.

So – I have decided that adding a limited amount of commercial bespoke cake-making complements my overall activities perfectly. I have developed a small range of cakes (lower in sugar than my previous outpourings from Classy Cupcakes & Posh Patisserie) in the best selling flavours.

I have regained my 5 rating from the council and I am ready to devote a limited capacity (first come first served) to take on your creative challenges!

I will be publishing a special CAKE page on my Creativity Online website in the next few days.  Follow Creativity Online on Facebook for more information.