Cakes – options and prices

Based on best selling flavours from my Classy Cupcakes and Posh Patisserie range.

My new range is still made from fresh ingredients and baked to order using good quality butter, free range eggs and natural flavourings – but with slightly less sugar (mainly because I am using less butter icing).


All cakes are 3 layers, presented on cake board, in cake box. Bespoke decoration included.

Choose from Chocolate (with chocolate butter icing filling), Vanilla (with raspberry jam and vanilla butter icing filling), Lemon (with lemon curd and lemon butter icing filling).

  • 6 inch cake (8 generous servings) £20
  • 8 inch cake (15 generous servings) £32
  • 10 inch cake (25 generous servings) £45
  • 12 inch cake (40 generous servings)  £65

Please enquire about stacked cakes and bespoke requirements.


Cupcake designs can be totally bespoke and each non bespoke cupcake box includes at least 4 different designs. Cupcakes individually wrapped in parchment paper.

NB. Cupcakes are ‘English’ cupcake size, not ‘Muffin’ size.

Choose from Vanilla/Chocolate box OR Lemon/Vanilla box

  • 12 cupcakes £20
  • 25 cupcakes £35

To place an order please contact me via phone/email.